Glass igloos

Reserve an exotic lodging experience in Hirvensalmi, with a river view of Puula in a warm glass igloo. The igloo is a well-equipped one-room accommodation that has a WC, a small kitchen and air conditioning. You can spend the night at Satulinna’s beautiful beach, or Sataman Herkku’s breakwater. The atmospheric igloo provides a lot of amenities and we have got restaurant and sauna services. Breakfast will be served in the igloo.

Call the number 0400 659 529 for more information.


Restaurant services provided by Sataman Herkku

Sauna in Satulinna in The Best Singers tv-show (Finnish version) sauna

Outdoor hot tub

Saunan Kaunis spa treatments at Satulinna


Kart racing (


Glass igloo prices start at 190€ per day

More information:

Tel. 044 705 9565

Tel. 0400 659 529